I’m Amy…pictured here with my three kids, Jyllian (11), Katelynn (7), and Evan (1).


They’re a little crazy, but I love them anyway.  They make my life pretty rich, and remind me on a daily basis to stop and actually enjoy things.  They’re the perfect remedy for my tendency to be too serious and task-oriented.  I like that about them.

Motherhood has been the hardest, scariest, most exhilarating, rewarding, wonderfully exhausting thing I have ever done.  There’s been good, bad, and downright ugly…but totally worth it all.


I’m married to a pretty cool guy whose name is Scott.  He’s my favorite human in the world, and I love us.  Life with him is like one long, sweet hangout session with my BFF that I never want to end; complete with belly laughs, inside jokes, junk food, Wii bowling, dreaming about our future, binge-watching The Office, and dancing in our kitchen.  And, we’re always allowed to sleep over at the end of the day, so SCORE!

It hasn’t always been this beautiful, but I’ve found that being a wife has been one of the most sanctifying things ever.  His love and support allow me to blossom into who I was meant to be.


There’s nothing particularly amazing about us; we’re just a bunch of people trying to do the best we can with what we’ve been given.  You won’t find anything groundbreaking here, just the simple account of a simple family living our life one day at a time.

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I write here because I need to write.  It helps me to sort things out and process.  To absorb and dissect.  To “get outta my own head,” as Scott says.  I chose this space because I’m convinced that sharing our lives and connecting with each other is such a necessary thing.  Our lives all look so different and yet, we’re all so much the same.  I share mine here as a way to nod and say “Yeah, me too.

And because one day I know the value my children will find in this is going to be the type of value only loss can create.  I hope it blesses them then.

In the meantime, here we are.  It’s not perfect or monumental.  It’s just us.

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